Experiencing innovation

Joint action creates experiences. The same holds true for the participants in our workshops. Innovation is a team sport; hence it is crucial that the individual characters play well together, know the rules, master the methods and pursue a common goal.

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Business model design

Developing new business models

We view business model design or business model innovation as a set of methods and tools for helping businesses and start-up teams develop new products, services and business models in a structured manner.

Our trainings are conducted in the interactive workshop format. In them, you will discover a toolbox that you can put to use right away in your daily work routine.

Exemplary structure of the training:

Day 1:

  • Digitalization: which technologies and business models are fundamentally changing the industry
  • Business Model Canvas - from the technology to the business model: holistic, visual thinking and development of ideas in mixed teams
  • Design thinking as a starting point for innovation: gaining a better understanding of clients' wishes, problems and needs

Tag 2

  • Value Proposition Canvas – designing unique value propositions
  • Environmental analysis: which external factors influence our business?
  • Development of minimum viable products
  • Obtaining client feedback and validating hypotheses

We will gladly adapt the contents of the inhouse-trainings to the respective requirements and issues of our clients.

Added value

avantsmart is part of a worldwide community that develops, applies and teaches new innovation methods. Our workshops and trainings build on the methods of design thinking, business model innovation, lean startup, agile management, and more.

Are you interested in performing a business model design training session at your company? Please contact us, and we will provide you with an individual workshop agenda.


Hemma Bieser is a lecturer at the Technikum Wien (UAS and Academy) and at the University of Applied Arts (Universität für Angewandte Kunst). She gives lectures on the topics of business design, entrepreneurship and innovation in the following study programs:

  • Renewable Urban Energy Systems (UAS Technikum Wien)
  • Digital Business (UAS Technikum Wien)
  • Business Development und Transformation (Technikum Wien Academy)
  • Art & Economy (University of Applied Arts)
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