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We open up perspectives

New technologies, digital services and innovative business models make it possible: everyone can become a shaper of the Energy Transition (Energiewende). Sustainable management and innovation with impact - these are the features of successful businesses!

We show our clients the opportunities in transformation processes and we create new business models in collaboration with them. We thus establish a competitive edge through innovation and accelerate the successful market introduction of new technologies.

With our industry know-how and our methodological skills, we counsel businesses wishing to seize this opportunity now and we share our Austrian and international network with them.

Living transformation


We pass our know-how on to our clients in consultation projects, workshops and trainings. Expertise in the fields of renewable energy, industry and digital technologies sets us apart.


We are experts in innovation and management methods such as design thinking, lean startup, business model innovation and Management 3.0, and we operate in a network that reaches far beyond the energy sector.


We are able to draw from a wealth of many years' experience gained not only from projects and consultation in big companies and startups, but also from building up our own businesses.


We work closely with our clients, and we share our experience, methodological skills, agile mindset, team and network with them.


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