We are designing the energy system of the future

New markets are like seedlings. They need care, and we take measures to ensure sustainable growth.

The energy market is in a state of upheaval. The established earnings models that had been profitable for decades are no longer working. An entire sector is searching for novel, smart services and innovative business models. We and our partner network are continuously developing new business ideas around the theme of smart energy and we invite you to work with us: join us in shaping the Energy Transition!

Hemma Bieser

DI Hemma Bieser, MSc

CEO | Managing Partner

Hemma Bieser founded the innovation company avantsmart in 2011, with the aim of making innovation and sustainability profitable for businesses. Together with your clients, she develops new business models for the energy market of the future and thus co-shapes the energy transition.

Hemma Bieser is an expert on new methods and tools in management: design thinking, business model innovation and lean startup strategies. As a consultant, moderator and speaker, she shares her know-how with entrepreneurs, innovation managers, product managers, service designers, researchers and students.

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Yvonne Wittmann

Yvonne Wittmann, MSc

Innovation Manager & User Experience Researcher

Yvonne Wittmann, MSc is a psychologist specializing in the field of industrial, organizational and business psychology. She has been contributing her market research and experimental design expertise (interviews, field tests, evaluations) to energy and innovation projects since November 2017. Professionally, she has also acquired experience in the optimization and evaluation of several "Smart City" projects.

During a half-year residency in the USA as part of her studies, she also looked at human environmental behavior in depth. In addition, she successfully completed the "Mastering Innovation and Design Thinking" course at MIT.

Edmundo R. Sánchez Guajardo, Business Analyst und Technology Scout

Dr. Edmundo R. Sánchez Guajardo, MBA

Business Analyst & Technology Scout

Dr. Edmundo R. Sánchez Guajardo, MBA, has expertise in research and innovation of solutions incorporating novel technologies. Having worked on a broad range of topics he bridges across disciplines, creating synergies and facilitating communication between stakeholders. Confronted with the challenge of promoting technology adoption, he is interested in the development of business models and user experiences that realize the value proposition of new technologies. In addition to favouring open innovation strategies based on tools such as design thinking and lean methods, he fosters academy–industry synergies as a source of innovation.